How to Plant a Container Recipe

Planting up a container planting recipe is easier than you think. Just follow our step by step instructions below and you will have a fabulous container in no time.

Firstly, choose a garden recipe from the Proven Winners Garden Recipes.

For this combination, start off with the three Proven Winners varieties on the recipe card:
  1. Superbena Purple Lace VERBENA
  2. Sensatia Plus Pomelo NEMESIA
  3. Superbells 'Orange' CALIBRACHOA
(you will need one of each variety for a 15litre/40cm container)
How to plant a garden recipe
Nemesia Sensatia Plus Pomelo
Choose a container to suit your style.

For this combination we suggest a size of around 40cm(16") based on individual plants being in approx. 12cm (4.5") pots.

Pot style Check the container recipe to see how the plants should be arranged.

Now you are ready to plant up your container.

Follow the planting layout on the recipe card, we find it best to work variety by variety as above in the slideshow.

For each plant, make a hole deep enough for the plant to fit comfortably in it. Push the plant into the hole, ensuring that the top of the plant is level with the growing media/compost. Try not to plant it too deeply or the stem may rot.
After all of the varieties have been planted, give the container a good soaking, place in a sunny spot, and then water and feed as required.

Ideas box
Plant a warm and textured autumn container with this recipe.

Plant a warm and textured autumn container with this recipe.

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