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We are traditionally a wholesale plant propagator and grower of plants called Kernock Park Plants based in Cornwall, UK. We grow millions of young plants (plugs and "liners") each year, destined for over one thousand growers and retail customers.

AIPH International Grower Of The Year Award Young Plants Silver Winner

Typically, is this time of year (spring & early summer) when 75% of all our plants go out the door to our customers. They would traditionally grow them on into pots, bring them to bud and flower where appropriate and then send them to the garden centres and retail outlets around the country for gardeners across the land to enjoy.

Within our wonderful ranges ranges on this site, there will be many Proven Winner plants which have been bred and selected under rigorous conditions to ensure they have all the qualities it takes to be a "Proven Winner". Together, supporting these Proven Winners are a whole band of other sumptuous plant varieties, some well-known, others new and relatively unknown, but all plants that we a proud to put together with Proven Winners; "Proven Companions" if you like!

Proven Winners UK - Plants to the People

Proven Winners UK - Plants to the People

It is important to note, that we are a wholesaler of young plants, so our plant sizes may be smaller than you are used to, if you are more familiar to buying full grown plants from the garden centre. Our plants are ample sized and are traditionally grown on into pots of various sizes before being presented to you, the gardener at the retail bench.

If you haven't tried potting young plants before (often known as plugs and liners), do not be afraid! Read the brief guidelines for each size of plant and you should create plenty of pots for you, your family and friends.

Most of the varieties on offer are frost tender. So if purchasing before May, it is advisable to pot these plugs on, in a warm environment until the last frost has passed.

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Depending on demand, we aim to despatch all orders within 5 days from point of confirmation.

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